I won’t bore you with all the things that VTU has achieved or progressed through the years. I have studied under VTU(2010 Scheme) and as a student I won’t be talking about how many colleges are under VTU or all boring stuff that you here during a program related to our great University.

During my four years of engineering, some days have been great and some days I wish they hadn’t come. If you are a student you know what i am talking about, the exams.

Let me tell you something about the exams under VTU. Under 2010 scheme the syllabus consists of 8 Units, In exams you only have to answer 5 units. Sounds piece of cake right. Overall our syllabus seems very easy just answer 5 units and bang u have scored 80 above. But let me tell you something my friends it’s not that easy as it seems. During examination when you are waiting for you question paper, thing that goes around your mind is hoping that they won’t shuffle the questions. Although we may have to answer only 5 units sometimes they just shuffle the question and mix it up. Since the semester ends within 3 months, excluding the 1 month exams period and 20 days within labs you would only choose to study 5 units. If you want to score good, maybe you will go for all 8 units. If you do that as a Computer Science students I am telling you for the subjects which are total theory like Software Engineering, Operating Systems,etc(including all the others boring subject which consists theory) it is quite difficult to memorize the whole 8 units. And when I say memorize some of you folks may be thinking man you should understand it rather the mugging up, let me tell you something if you want to get good marks you must write in exams. The examiner won’t give you marks for your understanding, he will give you marks on your presentation and how many points you have included. So, you may be the smartest person in the class but when it comes to examination you must mug up the theory.

Engineering is fun, these four years you will study in here will the the most memorable days for your life and you will experience so many things that after college you will be ready for the outside world.

I have created this blog to share my experience with you guys about my experience as an Engineering student.

Hope you will enjoy reading it.


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