Object Oriented and Procedural Programming

When you are into IT related topics one things you hear a lot is the word Object.

You must have heard something about Object Oriented Programming and that the concept has totally changed the way of programming which is true. Nowadays most of the application are developed by using Object Oriented Methodologies and it’s very important to understand about object.

This blog that I have created is about Object Orientation and how to understand an Object. For this topic you don’t need any Programming knowledge and even a person which is not from IT sector can understand. coding

what is this object?? What does it do?? How does it Revolution-rises the programming

So, what is an object? In some books you might found the definition like object is an instance of Class. Now after reading that definition you must be thinking what the hell is this Class?? Is it some thing our lecturer makes us sit and listen to the boring lectures. Well that was the first impression on a normal person who doesn’t know about programming. And I don’t know what with the academic books, they always find out the way to confuse us with some new definition all the times.

To understand about Objects first it is very essential to understand about the previous ways of programming. By previous I didn’t mean the assembly language though it comes under the same category. The old way of programming is call the procedural based programming such as C.

These languages are based on the concept that what a program should do and how would you expect a program to run. For this you have to provide step to step procedure to take steps and these steps can be further divided into sub modules. for e.g. in a student teacher relationship if we emphasis on developing a program based on the functions like teaching of a teacher where students and teacher are the constraints then the process is procedural process.

This approach had several shortcomings while compared to real world application such as in if we follow this approach the various functions like evaluation which is done by the teacher for every student will add many complexities to the problem.

The new approach used is OO methodologies in which rather then giving emphasis on procedure we give more importance to the real life object. for e.g if we take our previous example the students and teacher are the real world objects and teacher can have functions like teaching and evaluating as well and students can also have their own functionality.

Classes and Objects

Now lets get into the previous definition of object that we read. Now we have understood that we emphasis on real world objects rather then the functions, then what do we do with the functions and how are they implemented. These functions are kept within a Class. A class contains the members and member functions of an Object on which the operation is supposed to perform. So the functions like teaching and evaluation are kept inside a class. And that is what is meant by Object is an instance of Class as it provides the type definition of an Object.

Now, I think you have got some idea about Object. Don’t get afraid of it and use this amazing approach instead of traditional one to make your life more easy.


The Class, Labs and Girls.

Hmm.. so you have joined engineering, that means for four years you have to forget about all the fun and you must study like five hours and day. Man that must be tough. That’s the fact you must have heard about engineeringĀ  orĀ  the fact that I had in mind when the first semester of Engineering begun. I literally thought that I must study like 4 hours a day at least to pass the exams. This was the plan that I had made during my first sem.

The days passes by, you make some friends and soon you realize how hard is to pay attention to the boring lectures. In simple words its like a torture, you can’t talk, you mind is somewhere else thinking about party and stuff or how you spent last nights with your friend. And suddenly you get hit with a question mark from your beloved lecturer.

Now you are totally blind, you just look at the lecturer face and they look like they are having a forth stage of cancer. Finally by asking your mates you anyhow answer the question but soon you realize that answer you just said is totally incorrect and your friends are giggling. If your lecturer is in good mood you are lucky and may sit or else you have a bad luck and you may have to hear something form your lecturer.

Labs will be fun, it’s the final place where you have t0 works on hands. And if you are lucky you might a good company of pretty girl in your group, which is like 1 in a thousand possibility. In engineering you must forget about all the greenary and pretty girls. Engineering is like a Sahara desert if you r searching for pretty girls. So if you are lucky you might get a girlfriend or be in relationship with your right hand. To be true the chances the you might get a girl will be quite low, the sex ratio will be like 1:8 (f/m) so, if you are ready to endure the pain of girlfriend which is getting too much attention in college by boys well congratulations son, you are in relationship. But like a dog for sure, have you seen that movie “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” you will be that guy I promise you that.

That’s all folks that’s how your life is going to get going in classes and with girls